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Ideal Infrared Body Wrap now available at Naperville / Plainfield / Bolingbrook Weight Loss Clinic

Infrarend Body Wrap in Naperville, Bolingbrook & PlainfieldInfrared Body Wraps have become popular for good reason!  Not only do they promote health, they help the body to burn lots of calories and help you rid yourself of unwanted fat!  Best of all, you can lay down in your cozy cacoon and relax while getting a slimmer more toned body!

Benefits of Infrared Body Wraps

Infrared Body Wraps Can help you

  • Burn 1000's of calories - Up to 900-1400 in just one session
  • Burn Fat - Helps to break down fat and metabolize it
  • Detoxify - Helps to remove impurites from the cells
  • Smooth Cellulite - Smooth appearance of fatty deposits
  • Improve Skin Elasticity - Smooth and tone skin
  • Pain Relief - Soothes tight muches and achey joints
  • Relaxation & Stress Relief
  • Continue to burn calories throught the day with an increased metabolic rate!

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Jump Start Fat & Weight Loss With an Infrared Body Wrap

The Ideal Infrared Wrap is the most technologically advanced development for the traditional body wrap.  This Amazing Infrared Body Wrap can rejuvenate skin, reduce cellulite, assist in weight loss, and detoxify the body.  There are many different types of wraps out there that consist of clay, mud seaweed, and various herbal concoctions.  All have limited capabilities.  The Ideal Infrared Body Wrap is Ideal because it will allow your body to burn up to 1400 calories in jut one session.  Imagine how many hours of exercise it would take you to achieve this.

When we accumulate body fat, Blood circulation becomes impaired.  Because of lack of blood circulation,  these fat pockets become very difficult to matabolize or burn. Also very little warmth or body heat is being curculated to that body part.  These are what we call "cold spots".  When we take away the body heat and circulation from these areas, the subcutaneous fat then begings to turn into an unhealthy condition called cellulite.  Over time it can collect fluid and harden, making it extremely difficult to get rid of.

The purpose of the Ideal Infrared Body Wrap System is apply deep pentrating infrared heat directly to the trouble spots in order to get underneath the fat tissue and increase circulation to the areas where the dat tissue exists.  Bringing blood circulation back into areas that have restricted blood flow causes the metabolism rates to rise.  The infrared heat softens the fat tissue causing it to break up and be released into the blood stream in the form of Water, Fatty Acids & Triglycerides which are burned for energy or excreted from he body.  When we have an excess of calories that are not burned for energy, the body stores them as fat.  The infrared body wrap can help reverse this process by breaking fat down into calories and placing them back in to the bloodstream to be used as energy. 

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How Does Our Infrared Body Wrap Work?

During our body wrap process clients are wrapped in special wraps made of a special Active Carbon Fiber Matrix technology that produces infrared heat that penetrates into the body.  There are six different treatment pads that are wrapped around your trouble spots.  This trouble spot targeting allows for a personalized experience.  This warming process causes the body to produce sweat and allows for the burning of fat right where you want it.  Pads can be wrapped around the arms, abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.  Stored fat is converted into fatty acids which is used by the muscles for energy.  The heating up and cooling down process of the body requires lots of energy.  Not only can Infrared Body Wraps help with fat loss and cellulite reduction, but they also can help your body feel better if you suffer from arthrits, muscle aches, etc.  Detoxification is also a benefit because the toxins are released from the body more easily!

Why The Ideal Infrared (IR) Body Wrap is Better!

The Ideal Body Wrap Technology allows Infrared to penetrate through your clothing so you don't need to worry about taking off your clothes.  Just wear a confortable long sleeve shirt and sweats or leggins.

Our Infrared Wraps Target all of the spots you want to reduce!  Thighs, Hips, Buttocks, Abdomen, Love Handles, And Arms!

Relax, Read, Listen to music during your session - You choose!

Private, luxurious treatment room!

Additional Services Available to enhance your results and experience!  - Add on Power Plate Sessions or Try our weight loss or Detox Programs.

Accelerate Your Ideal infrared Body Wrap Results with Heat activated Firming Gel

Results with our Infrared Body Wraps can be accelerated by our HEAT ACTIVATED slimming gel and detoxification & weight loss programs!  Simply rub or target areas prior to treatment, the heat of the body wrap will activate and enhance the breakdown of fat and cellulite!

Ideal Weight Loss Offers Other Services that can enhance Infrared Body Wrap results.

Try some of our other programs and services!

  • Power Plate Whole Body Vibration - tone muscles, burn calories, and improve lymphatic drainage!
  • Heat Activated Slimming Gel
  • 3 Day Detoxification program
  • Ideal Protein Diet - lose fat and preserve muscle
  • Lipomassage
  • Body Contour Wrap

Contra-Indications for Infrared Body Wraps

Although the Infrared Body Wrap is a Safe and Healthy Treatment , Infrared Body Wraps are not appropriate for some medical conditions.

  • Serious Cardiac Conditions
  • Lupus
  • Adrenal Supression
  • MS
  • Metal Pins and Rods
  • Artificial Joints
  • Implanted Silicone
  • Varicose veins
  • Heavy Menstruation - durning period
  • Acute joint Injury - first 48 hours
  • Pacemaker
  • Pregnancy
  • Constricted Coronary Blood Vessels
  • High & Low blood Pressure
  • Enclosed Infections
  • Hemophelia
  • Over Active Thyroid Glands
  • Diabetes Requiring Insulin
  • Kidney Problems
  • Open Wounds
  • Skin Diseases
  • Contact Allertgies
  • Fever
  • Severe General Infection

Call today to find out how our Infrared Body Wraps can help you for a slimmer more toned body! 

Preparing for Your Infrared Body Wrap session!

  1. You will be fully clothed during this wrap.  Wear light colored cotton fiber long sleeved top and pants or thicker yoga style pants.  Thin synthetic fiber clothing can conduct too much heat and can get uncomfortable for most.  All areas being treated should be covered during your session.
  2. Bring a change of clothes to wear after your session.  You will prespire quite a bit and will want something to change into after your wrap.
  3. Bring a bottle of water.  It is recommended you drink water before during and after your session to replenish any fluids lost through sweating.
  4. Sessions are 45 minutes long and can be done with 48 hours in between.
  5. It is not recommended that you do any other treatments on the same day such as tanning or any other thermal or infrared treatments.

Enjoy your infrared Body Wrap!




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