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Ideal Weight Loss is proud to offer these Mama Mio products:

Shrink to Fit Cellulite Cream 

Shrink to Fit Cellulite Cream

Voted BEST cellulite cream by Elle Magazine

An incredibly effective cellulite-blasting serum set in a richly moisturising cream. Double whammy; smooth ‘orange peel-free’ legs wrapped in soft, toned, nourished, FIT skin. To reduce the appearance of cellulite, you need to kickstart the sluggish circulation, decongest and reduce toxins. Shrink To Fit is packed with the most effective, expensive cellulite busters, circulation stimulators and antioxidants; all at very, very high levels to ensure we have made the very best anti-cellulite cream we possibly could.

Get Waisted Body Shaper 

Get Waisted Body Shaper

9 actives to reduce fat cells, tighten and firm tummy flab

This is the holy grail of slimming potions; packed with NINE well proven ingredients designed to help combat fat deposits, tighten your tum, reduce puffiness, and – most importantly – maximise lipolysis. Lipolysis is the way your body breaks down the fat stored in fat cells; giving you slim fat cells and a slimmer silhouette. Get Waisted’s ingredients are well proven in lab tests to dramatically increase the destruction of fat. If fat is the enemy, let us introduce you to your new best friend.

"Our tester rubbed Get Waisted into her stomach and back for 30 days and lost an inch from her waist" - Weight Watchers

Skin Tight Toning Serum

Skin Tight Toning Serum

Mama Mio Skin Tight Toning Serum smoothes and retexturises uneven crepy skin - think juicy grape not wrinkly raisin. It takes facial peel technology and applies it to the body. Its four stage action of exfoliation, skin tightening and massively nourishing moisturisation will combat crepey, slack, tired skin - anywhere you need it. Tummies, saggy knees, bumpy backs of arms - even saggy faces - will all benefit from a little lift, tighten and tone; the three sweetest words a girl can hear.

What women love about Mama Mio Skin Tight Toning Serum is the difference it makes to the surface texture of your skin, helping it actually FIT you like it used to. It gives both a short and a long term benefit.

Meet the miracle workers:

  • Papaya Enzyme exfoliates to soften and gentley dissolve the 'cement' that holds dead skin cells on the surface, bringing new young cells to the skins surface.
  • Hyaluronic Acid super-hydrates and plumps by smoothing the surface from below for juicy, younger-looking skin.
  • Soy Protein Complex tightens the surface of the skin, 'ironing out' slack skin for an instant fix.
  • Uniprosyn is an anti-ageing super-blend of Oat Protein, ATP and Vitamin B3 Provein in laboratory testing to decrease skin crepyness by reducing the depth of wrinkles and boosting protein production in the skin. Typically found in serious eye creams.
 Goodbye Stretch Marks

Goodbye Stretch Marks

Clinically proven ingredients to help repair stretch marks

Our radically effective ingredients are clinically proven to reduce the appearance of stretch marks by over 70%. We have made what we believe is the best stretch mark minimising product. So, whether your stretch marks are new or old; whether they came from pregnancy, teenage growth, weight gain, weight lifting (!) or cosmetic surgery, you will see a difference. And, very importantly, this is safe to use during pregnancy.

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