Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Naperville Weight Loss Acupuncture

Naperville weight loss acupunctureIdeal Weight Loss & LIPO Spa offers Acupuncture that can assist with weight loss.  Typically Weight Loss Acupuncture uses points on the ears to help the body be more balanced and control the cravings and will power.

By Stimulating certain points in the ear, acupuncture can help you to be more relaxed, less stressed, and even help the organs that control appetitie and digestion work better.

Call us today to find out how Acupuncture can help you lose weight more easily and help with cravings.

Benefits of Weight Loss Acupuncture

  • Relaxation & Stress Reduction
  • Appetite Control
  • Increased Will Power
  • Improved Detoxification & Elimination
  • Fewer Cravings
  • More energy
Acupuncture enables you own body to work better can help you make better choices.  It is in no way a substitute for healthy eating or exercise but will make the task much more achievable.  Adding Acupuncture to any weight loss or body shaping program can be very beneficial.
Acupuncture for weight Loss targets the different organs like the stomach, kidney, lung, liver, and nervous system.  It can help them to function better allowing you to be more relaxed and feel better!

What is The Weight Loss Acupuncture Treatment Like?

We use very fine needles that most clients do not even feel.  Our relaxing in office acupuncture session lasts about 20-30 minutes.  We also use ear seeds so that the treatment can be continued at home.  Although we recommend the in office use of needles due to effectiveness, we also have a stimulator probe that we can use in place of the needle if someone has extreme needle issues.

How Many Acupuncture Sessions are Needed?

Most people need between 3-10 sessions depending on the case.  It is also recommended that the client has periodic follow up sessions to keep the body in balance and functioning well on a quarterly or yeary basis.
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